Children love Legos. From older kids to smaller kids, these toys have a lot of fans. Even adults love to play with Legos. Or more appropriately, they like to construct with Legos. What is really wonderful about the fact that children love this toy, is that it's a toy which is good for their minds and bodies.

Legos unique interlocking system is a great way for kids to learn about construction and design. It also is a great tactile toy which allows children to develop muscles in the fingers and hands. They come in different styles and sizes for all ages of children and adults, starting at age 0.

Legos come in bulk as well as in boxed sets. Bulk sets, at regular stores, are, usually, sold in buckets and can contain as few as 40 various pieces to as many as 1500+. You can purchase these buckets at local toy stores or on the Internet, for lower prices a great place to buy is eBay, where they are sold in 'lots' of 500-1500 pieces. Boxed sets are very popular and contain all the equipment needed to make the specific item. For instance, a train set will have the motor, Legos and other pieces to which are covered on the box. There are many themes available for purchase (also on eBay).

When it comes to boxed sets, there are many popular types. Just now the popular boxed sets are Bionicle, Space Police, Star wars, Power Miners, City and Racers. You can visit for more information on these different themes. There are also many other cute themes like Sponge Bob and Castle. Each of the themes has various boxed sets that include buildings, people, animals etc which all fit into the theme.

Not only do Legos stimulate creativity and lateral thinking, they also help build dexterity and developing math and pattern skills. By interlocking matching colors and styles children learn the use of patterns which develops key math skills. With the color choices, and how they interlock, children learn important problem solving skills.

On their website,, you can find some educational materials that will help parents and educators alike. There are many other useful articles on their site which help develop learning skills with their product. The website contains complete educational videos, articles and even training for working with Legos.

Parents never have to choose between educational toys and fun toys when a selection of Legos is on hand. These toys are fun and help build important skills throughout a child's life.

As a retired teacher, I have spent over 20 years with children and learned important things about them. Such as what they like to play with and what to avoid. As an adult I learned the value of finding items within the budget of the family. With the way children grow, it is important to find as many inexpensive items as possible. Cheap Toys are just as important as cheap clothes. I've found that much of the parents' expenses are for babies, so I have compiled lists of ways to save money when buying cheap Legos

Do you have a son that is too young to start building things but at the same time you want him to get acquainted so that when he is older he will start building stuff with Mechano or Lego? Are you scared that he will reach the age that he can play with such things but he will not show any interest by then? This article will look at ways you can get your child interested at a young age to build stuff and will introduce you to something called Lego Duplo.

As my son has started growing older I have always wanted him to get into the habit of building things. I guess I want to be like all fathers and make sure he becomes the macho type that can fix anything and in actuality build nothing:)

I guess there is a part of me that wants to develop him. Get his imaginative juices flowing; I hope you know what I mean.

As times has progressed, it seems that children have started developing at a much faster rate than when we were kids. Having said this I never wanted him to reach an older age and if I gave him a Mechano or Lego set he turn around and tell me that he was not interested. So I visited the good old net and to my surprise I found that Lego actually made Lego sets for younger children starting from the age of 1.

The blocks are as colorful as the original Lego except for the fact that they are much bigger in size. But the best part is that your child will be using these blocks throughout his life as long as he / she is still into Lego. The best part is that these blocks can be used with normal Lego pieces as well, so he is never going to outgrow this toy:) I think it is a great idea that Lego has catered to this age group as younger children will also get acquainted with Lego at a much younger age.

Legos building is so much fun and my mommy and daddy know this.  I am not allowed to play with Legos until all my chores are complete.  If I wake up before 8 AM, I am allowed to play with my Legos even if my chores are not complete!  This is so cool.  It gets me out of bed early.

Why do I like building Legos?  It's like fantasy land.  I dream up in my mind what I would like play with and I build it.  I get the Lego Club magazine and I see all kinds of cool ideas and designs.   I just copy the pictures.

When I was only 4 years old, my mommy bought me a huge set of pre built Legos.  I have a fire station, a police station, all kinds of cool cars, a Navy ship, out door scenes, etc.  I have to keep my little brother Zachary away from the pre built Legos because he sometimes breaks them!  I guess this is what little brothers do.

If you really want to get good at Legos building, just copy all the cool designs that you see on the Internet.  I find something that I like and then I make modifications to it.  There is no limit (except for the number of Legos in the toy box).  After I make something really cool, I save it for a few days and then tear it apart.  I do this because I get bored and want to go onto something bigger and better.

I know that I will never get bored with Legos buiding.  I have heard of people that are grand parents that still play with Legos.  When our family took a trip to Lego Land, I saw adults working as professional Legos Builders.  This is way cool!  My dream job.

I was getting so excited about Legos building that I asked my daddy if I could start a website just like he and mommy do every evening on the Internet. We worked really hard together and built a mini niche web site on Squidoo. I wrote all the content. Daddy just helped down load the images and organize the stuff. I am not allowed to go on the Internet by myself. Daddy does all the typing and I give him a massage on his neck so he does not get sore doing all the work.

Legos are the quintessential toy for any child. It's hard for any kid nowadays to picture their childhood without Lego being involved, because most kids did grow up with the product and most likely feel some sort of attachment to their Lego brick sets to this day. Whether it's an original Lego set or sets from various series, kids and adults alike have fallen in love with building Legos. The product is known for its customizability. Who wouldn't want to build their own castles or space stations? With Legos, anyone can tap into their creativity.

Certain Lego sets have stood out from the rest and are considered by many as an important milestone for the company. Lego bricks themselves are extremely popular, yes, but if there's anything that caused the popularity of Lego to shoot up by a wide margin, it's the Star Wars Legos sets. The movie trilogy became their very first franchised product way back in 1999 when the Star Wars movies became legendary. People were thrilled at the prospect of being able to build Lego toy sets that resembled various star ships and other iconic structures in the Star Wars galaxy. Since then, Lego's franchised sets have turned into classic American toys for the world's youth. Today many adults are also fans of the product as well and have created their own custom Legos to share with fellow fanatics. A lot of other toy sets pale in comparison because they don't have tie-ins with the famous products as Lego does.

Thanks to the popularity of Star Wars Legos sets, the company's popularity has spread and today with many more licensed sets, such as Lego Batman sets, Harry Potter sets, Indiana Jones and even Avatar: The Last Airbender Lego sets.

Star Wars fanatics and Lego fanatics alike can enjoy the intricate figure Star War's General Grievous, or Lego Star War's Darth Vader, or even the themes main good guy, Lego's Star Wars Luke Skywalker. All Lego figures have been crafted to greatly resemble their movie counterparts, and many characters have their own Lego versions today. For the characters that unfortunately did not get their own Lego versions, many people customize their own figures and sometimes even sell those custom Legos online. This is further proof that Legos enhance creativity.

Now, anyone can stage their own Jedi wars in the Star Wars galaxy by collecting various Lego sets and even building their own structures. There are hundreds of toy building sets out there that one can purchase for themselves and or for their child. Parents can enjoy spending quality, and valuable, time with their children while building their unique Lego creations. As for Star Wars Legos, they have become so popular that a game series was even launched, dedicated to the Lego characters. To this day, as the franchise continues to flourish via the newly released TV series, Clone Wars, new sets are being produced to keep up with the newer characters and more recent spacecraft, characters, and structures. New video games dedicated to Legos are also being planned, proving that people of all ages never tire of their Lego toys!