Legos building is so much fun and my mommy and daddy know this.  I am not allowed to play with Legos until all my chores are complete.  If I wake up before 8 AM, I am allowed to play with my Legos even if my chores are not complete!  This is so cool.  It gets me out of bed early.

Why do I like building Legos?  It's like fantasy land.  I dream up in my mind what I would like play with and I build it.  I get the Lego Club magazine and I see all kinds of cool ideas and designs.   I just copy the pictures.

When I was only 4 years old, my mommy bought me a huge set of pre built Legos.  I have a fire station, a police station, all kinds of cool cars, a Navy ship, out door scenes, etc.  I have to keep my little brother Zachary away from the pre built Legos because he sometimes breaks them!  I guess this is what little brothers do.

If you really want to get good at Legos building, just copy all the cool designs that you see on the Internet.  I find something that I like and then I make modifications to it.  There is no limit (except for the number of Legos in the toy box).  After I make something really cool, I save it for a few days and then tear it apart.  I do this because I get bored and want to go onto something bigger and better.

I know that I will never get bored with Legos buiding.  I have heard of people that are grand parents that still play with Legos.  When our family took a trip to Lego Land, I saw adults working as professional Legos Builders.  This is way cool!  My dream job.

I was getting so excited about Legos building that I asked my daddy if I could start a website just like he and mommy do every evening on the Internet. We worked really hard together and built a mini niche web site on Squidoo. I wrote all the content. Daddy just helped down load the images and organize the stuff. I am not allowed to go on the Internet by myself. Daddy does all the typing and I give him a massage on his neck so he does not get sore doing all the work.



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